Friday, October 30, 2009

"Entice the Dreamer" lyrics

I stand on distant sand
Living inside a moment
Where flesh meets eternity,
Slipping free
Silence creeping in
Like dawning rays on the horizon
What peace there is, it withers
When heaven's falling through

I cannot help with all my being
Cannot help that what I'm seeing is you
And lyrics flow as madness grows
Desire, it lingers upon my lips for you
And time, it dances
Far beyond me, and far beyond you
It's just another story that begins
With a heart beating wild

At ease in all my decadence
Staring down the ghost of never
The beast that drives me on
To all, to nothing, to whatever
And I'm bound by your words
When I hear that subtle whisper
Obscure, suggestive melody
Entice the dreamer in me