Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Choke" lyrics

When words run dry
And dreams, they cease
With little to say,
How can I speak?
And even my shadow,
It fails to haunt me
Minutes feel like hours,
Hours, days I'll never see
And so I hang high
By my halo, choking
On a moment in time
Must be it's killing me

So overcome by this
A glorious way to go-
To choke

Teasingly vague,
I flaunt the essence of me
All pretty in pain,
Fate's poet emissary
And the girl lacking reason,
The one you don't see,
Of shame, lust, despise,
Of innocence lost, she resides
In this hollow frame
Of what may never be
Bitter side of restless mind
I'm disturbed, absurd you see