Saturday, December 22, 2012

Not the end.. Yet again.

It cracks me up how gullible society is as a whole, and how making sense out of total nonsense is possible, especially if you give up your right to think freely, for stories, books written and rewritten over the centuries by men who claimed the words they wrote were the words of God. Or an ancient calendar ends now, signifying the end of the world.. What is this shit and why are people buying into it?

Yet again, the world has NOT ended. And already people have set other dates predicting our termination..

"What does it mean?" is not the question you should be asking, but rather, "What does it matter?" If the end is tomorrow, we probably won't know about it, nor be able to stop it.

So why fret over something that we may never see in our lifetime? Enjoy each day for what it has to offer, live and love as if every day is your last. There is no need for worry if you live life to its fullest- once absorbed with happiness, you will not fear the days to come, but look forward to them.